Production Tree

For Persistent World 4.4.0
A Mount & Blade: Warband modification

Hospes' & Loppen's Production Tree - Development (Text by Hospes)
At least since beta3 the economic system of Persistent World has become fairly extensive. Many players asked many questions and much stayed uncertain in the early days. Ever since then, I sought a way to enable people to comprehend the system as quick and easy as possible. Eventually I remembered the famous technology respectively production trees of the Age of and ANNO series and decided to create one for Persistent World. After some time of conceiving and designing I finally ended up with a coherent graph which summarised the economy in a way that makes it possible to conceive it at a glance. Now the only thing I still needed was somebody to help me realising it as a good-looking illustration. Fortunately Loppen, the diligent master of charts and graphs, spared neither time nor efforts to fulfil my wish.

On the left side the tools and resources are depicted which are required to produce the different items on the right side. The graph is basically self-explanatory. We hope this is a useful assistance for everyone and if you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

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Some items have different recipes depending on their appearance in-game.
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